Sortimo WorkMo Mobile Workbench

The transportable WorkMo work bench is based on a flexibly adaptable system.

WorkMo mobile work bench

Organisation takes up half your life – that applies above all to your own work processes. A multifunctional ‘workmate’ always lets you find the tool you are looking for without having to think about it, shortening your working hours and making your work more efficient. The mobile WorkMo work bench is one of the van storage solutions from Sortimo, ensures that you always have your own working and organisational layouts to hand and you can even use it as a handy piece of equipment on site.

The transportable WorkMo work bench is based on a flexibly adaptable system. Individual storage modules can be combined and connected together totally flexibly. They combine to create a workplace configured to your individual needs: the transportable workplace trolley holds everything ready to hand that you might need for your work. You can organise your workstation to meet your precise requirements – whether with large or small drawer units, with flexible divisions, with storage trays or BOXXes. You can even combine case slides into your individual system to meet your specific needs.

The individual modules can be very easily connected to form a stable workplace, and then simply detached again. Your worktop can also be quickly tidied away, converting the WorkMo into a folding transportable work bench. Buying our mobile WorkMo work bench solves your work problems, as you can effortlessly take it with you.

sortimo workmo
sortimo workmo
sortimo workmo

Flexible & mobile work bench – multifunctionality wins every time

Sometimes you need a small table and sometimes you quickly need a portable work bench – and at other times you simply and easily need to transport tools or materials – none of this is a problem with the WorkMo. With the help of tailored accessories, you can now configure your portable work bench to your individual needs. The mobile work bench also elegantly solves all your storage problems, and its ingenious Roller trolley on wheels even lets you move it with ease to where it is needed. Handy accessories in the form of various trays, tool holders, multiple sockets and different sized worktops ensure that you have the efficient ergonomic workstation you have always wanted. Buying a Sortimo WorkMo gives you your portable workplace of the future.

mobile work bench
mobile work bench
mobile work bench

Portable workshop trolley – transport it with ease in vans or even cars

The WorkMo is not just a trusty ‘workmate’ – being mobile, this work bench can be stored with ease in your boot or load compartment. Lashing straps let you fix the WorkMo in your van, securing it for the duration of the journey. The modules can be securely fixed in place using Sortimo’s ProSafe loading securing system, which provides lashing rings, lashing belts and the CargoStopp for professional and fast securing of your load.

However, your WorkMo mobile workstation also offers the ideal solution for transporting tools and equipment in the boot of your car. Whether you work in field sales or as a mobile service technician, your materials will always be tidily and safely stored in the modules, with the added benefit that the WorkMo can be quickly loaded into your car – and unloaded just as easily. Nothing stands in the way of using the portable work bench in your own car. The individual WorkMo modules can be easily secured in place in your vehicle using the integral lashing rings.

Work ergonomically – thanks to different heights

The portable folding work bench becomes a real ‘workmate’ on site, as the individual modules can be configured to form a perfect workstation, adapting precisely to your needs. Choose between two heights for most convenient and comfortable working height. Opt for the 750 cm high WorkMo when you have heavy work to do, and stack two mobile work bench modules together to achieve the ideal working height of one metre when you need to make last-minute fine adjustments on site.

Sortimo WorkMo is a professional, efficient – and unbeatable mobile transport solution in Ireland

You’re buying all the benefits in a single system with the mobile workstation: a workplace, storage solution, transportable work bench, workshop trolley and transport system for almost all systems. You simply cannot work more efficiently. Take advantage of our preconfigured sets – time-saving and value for money.