How To Order Sortimo

Sortimo is the leading manufacturer of Van Racking Systems and Mobile Transport Solutions in Ireland. We narrowed down our customer types to four for easier navigation for our new clients.

Vanfit are a solution orientated company.

See which type of customer you are for easier navigation

No Design Needed / Instant Racking

Fast and quick for mostly Self Employed individuals that don’t need a complex setup for their Vans.

Custom or Bespoke Design Needed

Specifically designed for your exact needs. In Vanfit Solutions Ltd, our bespoke solutions are tailor made for you.

Accessories That Make A Difference

Customers that are looking for van accessories. We offer Gadget Labels, Pocket Holders, and more!

Have A Truck, Trailer or Jeep?

Customers that need a Vanfit product on their  Trailers, Trucks, Container Vans, and Jeeps

Leading Van Racking Systems and Mobile Transport Solutions in Ireland

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