SR5 – the van racking system for enhanced productivity.

With the SR5, Sortimo has developed a van racking system that facilitates perfect workplace organisation in the smallest possible space for all trades and service providers. The highlight: It can be configured really simply and quickly online or request support now.

sr5 van racking

SR5 – more than a van racking

The organisation system for maximum efficiency in the working day.

With all the advantages of the mySortimo Platform. It can be supplemented to optimum effect by additional services such as workplace organization using mySortimo labels or vehicle lettering from mySortimo graphics.

Highest productivity. Quick availability.

Employee motivation and a good impression made on the customer as well!

sortimo sr5

Maximum Load Space

sortimo sr5

Organization boosts productivity

sortimo sr5

Full System Compatibility

Company-wide processes can be optimised even further by the SR5, and workflows become far more targeted and efficient. The shelving system has been designed to permit immediate access to the tools required and to allow loads to be stowed away clearly and in a well-structured manner. Drawers, cases and BOXXes as well as numerous accessories make the SR5 the perfect partner for every organisation in the skilled trade sector. The tried and tested ProSafe load securing system integrated in the van racking guarantees maximum safety for occupants and the load.

Sophisticated down to the last detail

For maximum load space utilisation!

Each individual component of SR5 offers added value that structures your working day professionally and productively. However, maximum load space utilisation only becomes possible using the special unique design of the aluminium side profile and the shelves in combination with the SR-BOXXes.

sortimo sr5

Long components tray

In the long components tray, awkward or long items such as pipes, cable ducts or aiming stakes can be stowed and transported safely. Opening the rear section allows contents to be removed simply and quickly to the rear.

sortimo sr5


The SR-BOXXes, which are unique in their functionality, can be integrated both on and under the shelves in the van racking using the plastic slides, meaning that the available space is used to optimum effect. Small items and consumables can be stored here.

sortimo sr5


SR-Drawer As an innovative alternative to a drawer, the SR drawer offers the tried and tested Sortimo SR drawer function, but it can be removed completely at any time. Dividers and insetboxes offer varied opportunities for organisation.

sortimo sr5

Aluminium side profiles

The sturdy and compact aluminium side profiles are the basis for each SR5 shelf and require just a small space on the vehicle floor. This ensures maximum load space usage so that large items can be conveyed without any problems in the vehicle. A wide range of SR5 accessories for a wide variety of industries and requirements can be hooked onto the ProSafe side profiles at the desired height without tools.

sortimo sr5


The positioning of the shelves can be varied forwards and back­wards, which allows the SR5 shelf to be adapted to the contour of the vehicle to optimum effect. This ensures adequate space for the load and freedom of movement. The roof area which is other­wise hardly used is exploited to the maximum. The shelves are available in various different versions, which can be equipped with SR-BOXXes both above and below.

sortimo sr5

mySortimo labels

The lettering labels with Sortimo colour coding perfects the organisation of the load space – an important foundation for efficient working.
sortimo sr5


The drawers offer an optimum overview with their full pull-out feature and quick access to the tools, machines or spare parts inside. Thanks to their anodised aluminium front, all SR5 elements are truly sturdy.

SR5 Van Racking– full compatibility from the Sortimo EcoSystem

Everything fits! SR5 not only ensures consistency in all work sequences, the intelligent shelf system fits seamlessly in the entire Sortimo system environment and guarantees complete compatibility over and above the limits of the system, allowing tool cases and BOXXes to be transported without barriers and securely.

sr5 van racking
Compatible with BOXXes & Cases

BOXXes and Cases from Sortimo are the ideal solution for safe and organised transport of tools, machines, small components and consumables. They can be safely and easily integrated in the shelves of the racking system using the plastic slides or MultiSlides. Machines, tools and consumables can thus always be transported from the workshop to the individual site safely and neatly sorted.

Compatible with the ProSafe load securing system

The tried and tested ProSafe load securing system permits rapid and professional securing of the load being conveyed. It is the only load securing system that always functions in the original lashing points of light commercial vehicles, on the individual floor lashing points or wall rails or also integrated in van racking and roof racking systems. We also recommend the floor SoboPro, which already includes individual ProSafe lashing points.

sr5 van racking
sr5 van racking
SR5 accessory for ProSafe side profile

Thanks to the ProSafe rail in the side profile of SR5, tool bags from ProClick and other SR5 accessories can be attached easily and without tools. The ProClick tool bags can be safely stowed away for transport and other practical accessories such as cartridges ensuring quick access to the materials from the rear door.

Compatible with other manufacturers

Sortimo has also opened its system for products from other manufacturers to provide maximum benefit for its customers. For example, the new Hilti case can be fully integrated into the SR5 van racking. The Sortimo EcoSystem also offers full compatibility with various different manufacturers that use L-BOXXes as repackag­ing for their consumables and tools. They are thus simply and quickly fitted into the SR5 and conveyed safely on site.

sr5 van racking

Complete load space concept

Load securing and underfloor solutions – of course!

SoboPro & SoboPro restraint pole

The SoboPro floor is compatible with all ProSafe applications and offers diverse possibilities, thanks to the integrated ProSafe floor lashing points, for the simple, flexible and quick securing of varying loads.

SoboPro is extremely sturdy, scratch and impact-resistant and complies with the highest of requirements – while offering an attractive price.

SoboPro is matched to the contours of the vehicle, and drilling of the chassis is not necessary. When using restraint poles, we recommend the SoboPro restraint pole, where the arrangement of lashing points is optimised for the poles. The most common SR5 configurations can be screwed directly onto the floor.

sr5 van racking

SR5 – awarded twice with the Plus X Award

by the international expert jury of the Plus X Award!

sr5 van racking

SR5, the 5th generation of Sortimo shelving systems, convinced the expert jury of the internationally renowned Plus X Award and awarded the title “Best Product of the year 2019” in the category “Automotive Accessories”.

The racking was confirmed by this award as a future-proof, innovative and pioneering product in the automotive sector! Therefore, the innovative racking system may adorn itself with four of the seven seal of approval of the Plus X Award as a sign of brand quality: Quality, Functionality, Ergonomics, Design.

For any tradesperson or service provider, it is necessary to utilise the loading space of their commercial vehicle as efficiently as possible. That is why it is important to use its capacity as completely as possible. SR5 – the van racking from Sortimo – allows you to optimally utilise the available space in your vehicle and thus avoid wasting any potential. The depths of components used in the rack system can be set variably. This means it is possible to follow the contours of the vehicle and not waste any space. For example, the rear wheel housing of a vehicle can be optimally converted by reducing the depth of the boxes and shelves used – maximum utilisation of storage space and the associated increase in productivity save you a lot of time and thus money in your daily work routine. The extremely space-saving construction of the SR5 rack system enables bulky goods, such as Euro pallets, to be transported at the same time. These can be very easily lashed and secured using the load securing floors.

The fifth-generation Sortimo van racking reflects the current state of research and development. This ensures that the latest rack system can be optimally coordinated with the changing requirements of the various sectors and types of companies. The crucial factor here is for a mature ecosystem to exist between Sortimo, the vehicle and tool manufacturers as well as the various sectors. This means that you can customise your rack systems online, benefiting from a wide range of configuration options. Sortimo works closely with numerous brands in the automotive industry. Fiat Professional, Ford, Mercedes-Benz or 4×4 Jeep – to name just a few manufacturers – are fully compatible with the Sortimo products. At the same time, the tool cases from GedoreHilti or Bosch, for instance, can be anchored in the SR5 rack system from Sortimo as standard. Damage to the expensive materials due to poor load securing or slipping, therefore, is a thing of the past.

But that’s not all: SR5 also makes it easier to find your way round your loading space. For instance, you can recognise at first glance what tools, materials, and other goods you have on board with you – and which ones might be missing. All it takes is a quick check before you start driving to avoid needless additional trips due to forgotten or missing materials. Just like the other Sortimo products, the SR5 rack system thus significantly facilitates work and helps to optimise processes.

If you need help with planning and configuring your rack system, our experts are ready to assist you, of course. You have the option to make a personal planning appointment or use the support function to write your request in your mySortimo account in the “My Vehicles” area. Our consultants have a lot of experience and industry-specific expertise, which they are glad to share with you in order to enable optimum configuration.

In designing the SR5 system, we put a lot of emphasis on boosting users’ productivity in the long term. The 5S method from Japan is used as a basis for this purpose. The keywords

  • Sort
  • Set in order
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Self-discipline

thus serve as a basis for a carefully thought-out workplace organisation scheme and the associated boost in productivity. The tool inlays produced in-house ensure that every tool has its own fixed location, for instance. Due to the colour differences of the cut-out of the outer surface, missing components are noticed immediately – for the best possible overview and easy handling. Partner with Vanfit Solutions today and experience the best van racking system in Ireland.