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About Us

Vanfit Solutions was formed in 2000 to offer a professional service to companies and individuals to organise and transform their commercial vehicles and 4 x 4's into highly efficient service units.

Professionalism, technical excellence and customer care are central to everything at Vanfit Solutions. Complete customer satisfaction is our top priority from start to finish on each and every project. This ensures that you get the very best design advice available and gaurantees that the solutions offered are competitively priced and the most appropriate for your specific needs and budget. Our storage systems are designed to order, are imported from Germany, then assembled and installed in Abbeyleix.

Our supplier Sortimo run a continous program of crash testing on all products, ensuring that the equipment it offers provides customers with the safest working environment possible. Unfortunately many accidents are caused by unsecured materials and tools. Our vehicle storage systems are securely anchored down and fixed back to the internal ribs on the vehicle so as to adequately protect the cargo and the occupants of the cabin who are also at risk in the event of an accidental collision.

Last but not least are the cost savings when the complete system transfers into your next vehicle.