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About Sortimo

Sortimo Story YouTube video Click here

Sortimo have 36 years of experience as Europe's largest manufacturer, supplier and fitter of innovative secure van racking and shelving equipment.

Globelyst is our new and revolutionary third generation in-vehicle equipment, which uses a Space-Frame technique that offers a weight saving system with greater flexibility and variety.

The Sortimo product portfolio consists of over 1,000 high quality van racking modules, all of which have been designed for installation into any type of commercial vehicle, from car-derived vans, 4 x 4's, large panel vans & box body trucks.

Sortimo systems are made from lightweight materials to ensure that maximum usable payload is retained. The Sortimo product range includes 100% extension drawer systems, high quality service cases, lockers, workbenches, long component trays and many accessories for the complete solution.

Advantages for Using Sortimo

  • Value for money
    We are confident in our pricing, but, equally confident in our product. Product failure is your hidden cost; our system shall keep your work-force efficient & on the road.

  • Visibility
    By organising your equipment; time, frustration, & damage are saved, with the added benefit of allowing easy auditing of stock to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum.

  • Professionalism - Appearances matter, to the public & share holders. In a competitive world your company needs to stand above the rest.

  • Warranty
    3 year, comprehensive cover for any component failure. (Not that you shall need it!)

  • Life span
    Sortimo systems are designed to be easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle over a 10 year+ period.

  • Support
    Sortimo work through-out Europe with 'Station Partners' offering support at a regional level.

  • Best Practice
    ISO - TUV, protecting your employees with the most stringent crash test equipment.

  • Loaded Crash Tested
    Sortimo are the only company with the confidence to Crash test loaded racking systems up to 980kg, exceeding the European standard 25 fold, and our nearest competitor 3 fold.

  • Strength
    By employing an aluminium space-frame at the heart of all of our systems we offer immense strength & rigidity, with reduced weight.

  • Weight saving
    Increasing your pay-load whilst saving on fuel bills.